I was camping over Memorial Day weekend. While we were sitting around, eating whatever we were cooking, I got the idea of taking a toasted marshmallow and putting a topping on it. There really wasn't much thought beyond that, but I'm glad I did! It's so simple anyone can make this

Here's all you need:

- a marshmallow
- some peanuts
- a campfire

Take your marshmallow and toast it. Since you're going to peel off the first layer to get to the gooey, sticky part of the marshmallow, I'd say put it right in direct heat. Cremate the outer layer! When it's charred, peel it off, then add your crushed peanuts. Once it's covered, toast it like you would any marshmallow. Not in direct flame, but find a nice hotspot in your campfire. It will toast the marshmallow while roasting the peanuts you have stuck to it. Enjoy!

Later on, as we were still experimenting (with several failures) my wife got the idea to toast on of the doughnuts we brought up. Toasting a glazed doughnut made it even better! The glaze caramelized on the outside and left it nice and warm on the inside. Trying to one-up my wife, I decided to toast an apple fritter. Dude! You gotta try this!

Next time I got camping, I need to bring more items to toast.