How to Make the Brie and Butter Sandwich from Twin Peaks
Now that Twin Peaks was announced to continue the series after 25 years, my wife and I have decided to watch the entire series again. Thanks to Netflix and the fact I have the box set, we're pacing ourselves, but it's so easy to want to watch just one more episode of this iconic show.
If you binge wa…
Tee Roy's BBQ Steak Sandwich
A few weeks ago, I was at a buddy's house for a BBQ. He was trying to make something he ate back east somewhere, all from memory. While I've never had anything bad from his grill, this attempt at a steak sandwich was far from par. Not bad, but not good, if you can scoop what I'm poopi…
Candy Sushi And How You Can Make It At Home
I love sushi and candy. My kids are still a little stand-offish about sushi, but they'll eat candy so we can still have fun making it and enjoying it. It looks great and tastes great, too! Here are several methods and styles you can do to make candy sushi at home.
Two Things You Need To Try Toasting Over A Campfire
I was camping over Memorial Day weekend. While we were sitting around, eating whatever we were cooking, I got the idea of taking a toasted marshmallow and putting a topping on it. There really wasn't much thought beyond that, but I'm glad I did! It's so simple anyone can make this