This recipe has been a part of almost every large get-together at my house for the last 8 years.

I found the original recipe on Pinterest and just like I'm sure most of you have done, I've tweaked it a bit over the years to make it perfect...or at least MY definition of perfect.

I've always been happy to share my recipes with friends and over the years they've let me know how they've tweaked my recipe to make it their own.

I have a list of add-on ideas below my recipe but wanted to let you know how they've changed the recipe too so look for their changes after the original recipe as well.

I usually use Snyder's Pretzel Snaps when I make this dip because they let you have a lot of dip with each pretzel...but soft pretzels are also amazing if you have the time to bake them.

Beer Cheese Pretzel Dip

Prep Time: 10 minutes


2 packages of cream cheese softened (16oz)

1/2  package of Ranch dressing (approx 3 tbsp)

1 cup of shredded Cheddar or Colby Jack cheese

1/4 cup of beer

A dash of pepper

Combine all the ingredients and blend, serve with pretzels.

If you are making this ahead of time, store it in the refrigerator, but set it out about 20 minutes before guests arrive so it can soften.

Store any leftovers in the refrigerator.

Add-In Ideas: Chives, bacon crumbles, more shredded cheese on top, or minced raw green onions.

Modifications: Add a full packet of Ranch for more flavor. Use dark beer to have a richer taste. One clove of minced Garlic will add a zip.

Now that you've seen the recipe do you have any of your own ideas of how you'd change it?

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