A few weeks ago, I was at a buddy's house for a BBQ. He was trying to make something he ate back east somewhere, all from memory. While I've never had anything bad from his grill, this attempt at a steak sandwich was far from par. Not bad, but not good, if you can scoop what I'm poopin'.

I was watching him make it, and - like I always do when I see something with potential - I immediately started thinking of ways to improve it. While my first attempt wasn't bad, it was a little lacking. After making some adjustments last night, I think it's safe to say it's good to go. Below is the recipe for four sandwiches, costing less than $12 to feed a family of four:

BBQ Steak Sandwiches

The first thing you need to know about me is, I'm not a big fan of measurements if I don't need them. "A cup of this, a tsp of that" doesn't fly with me, as I prefer to add things according to taste. Mess with this recipe as much as you want to customize for your family and friends.

Total cook time - About 30 minutes

What you need -

1lb of steak, sliced fajita style - Sirloin is what I use, but feel free to use your favorite cut. You can also purchase pre-cut steak at the butcher block.

Mixed peppers - while for this recipe I used 3/4 of a bag of frozen peppers, I would suggest using one of each red, yellow, and green pepper.

1/2 an onion, cut big (so you can BBQ them without them falling through the grill)

Marinade - This is the one part of the recipe I won't share with you. A girl has to have her secrets, after all. Make your own, buy a bottle of it, etc.

1 loaf of garlic bread - Texas Toast, French Bread, etc. Whatever you prefer.

4 slices of cheese - I use pepper jack, but again, whatever tickles your pickle.

Bottle of Franks Hot Sauce - I love this stuff, and it really brings out the flavor of the sandwich - keep it, change it, toss it, whatever.

Aluminum foil

How it's made -

Grilling Your BBQ Sandwich - Rock 96.7

Cut your steak into strips (if you didn't buy the pre-cut kind), throw in a bowl, add marinade and cut onions. Let sit for awhile (some marinades will work in a half an hour, others can take quite a bit longer. Use your best judgement)

Preheat grill to medium-low

Lay down some foil, place bread on foil garlic side up

Place steak and large onion slices directly on grill. The steak will cook quicker in strips than you may be used to with a whole cut. Pay attention, and only flip once.

Throw mixed peppers and the smaller onion pieces in a pan, and cook on the stove top on your grill (if you're grill doesn't have one, make a little bowl out of some aluminum foil, and throw on the grill)

Tee Roy's BBQ Steak Sandwich - Rock 96.7

After your steak is cooked to your preference, put directly on bread. Add peppers and onions, cover the whole concoction in cheese slices, and douse generously with the Frank's Hot Sauce.

Once done, cut into fourths, slap them on a plate, and chow down! This meal goes good with any of your typical BBQ side dishes - potato salad, corn-on-the-cob, etc. It will feed a family of four (unless you have a teenage boy...good luck with that!), and the whole thing cost $11.65. Cheap, easy, and extremely tasty!