I love sushi and candy. My kids are still a little stand-offish about sushi, but they'll eat candy so we can still have fun making it and enjoying it. It looks great and tastes great, too! Here are several methods and styles you can do to make candy sushi at home.


Like real sushi, there are several styles you can do. There's the 'nigiri' style which is that brick of rice with some kind of topping (like fish) and there's also 'temaki' style which is that rolled-up sushi you also see, like california rolls. Both are easy to make. First, the rolled-up type. Here's what you'll need.

• Rice Krispie Treats. Freshly made and still pliable.
• Fruit Roll-up
• Whatever candy you want to use
• Wax paper (recommended)
• Spray oil (like Pam) (recommended)

That's really about it. I figured sushi is made with Rice so we can just use Rice Krispie Treats. We don't have that seaweed wrap, but we can use a Fruit Roll-up. And whatever else you want to use in your candy. Since a lot of sushi is made with fish, I thought it would only be appropriate to use Swedish Fish.

Rice Krispie Sushi - Temaki-style

First, make your Rice Krispie Treat how you always would. nothing special there. When they're done, pour some on a cookie sheet and flatten them out. You can use anything you think works best to make them nice and flat. I simply sprayed my hands with any spray oil so they wouldn't stick and used my hands.


This is the hardest step. Not in making these awesome treats, but getting the Fruit Roll-Up to unpeel off the plastic wrapper in one solid piece. If it's not perfect, it's okay. Just unpeel it and stick it right on top of the flattened Rice Krispie Treat. Then, cut around the edges. It's okay if it overlaps a little.

Next, you want to add the other candy you want to use in this. I used Swedish Fish, but gummy worms would also work awesomely. Licorice would also be great. You could use something like peanut butter. With the Fruit Roll-Up, it may make it like a Peanut Butter and Jelly flavor. Place the items near the bottom of the square because you're going to roll it inwards.

Once you've got everything in place, roll it up. Take the base part of the square (towards you) and roll it in itself, like you would with sushi. You should roll it as firm as possible to everything stays in the roll. If you wanted to spray more spray oil on your hands, I'd recommend it as it might be sticky.

Once you have your candy log, just cut them up. You should have enough to make 6-8 edible pieces, depending on how you want them sliced. To emulate the 'masago' (those little orange fish eggs) on some inside out rolls I used Nerds candy. There's also nothing stopping you from rolling it the other way so the Fruit Roll-Up is on the outside.

Now, the Nigiri style. This is is WAY easier, but just a delicious to eat.

Rice Krispie Sushi - Nigiri-style

Take what's left of your Rice Krispie Treats and press them into little rectangles. You can use your hands or something to press them down. I used the bottom of a plate and cookie sheet. Once you have them to the size you want, add what you want on top. Easy!


While we're at it, how about Onigiri. Sure, why not! Onigiri are basically rice balls, often triangular shaped and feature a little seaweed paper strip.

Rice Krispie Onigiri

Simply press your Rice Krispie Treats into a triangle, about half an inch thick and take a piece of your Fruit Roll-Up to wrap at the bottom. Too Easy!


And, finally, if you still want to have fun with making candy sushi for the kids but don't have access to Rice Krispie Treats or you're not good at making them, that's okay. I'm not the best at making them either. Here's a fool-proof way of making some candy sushi simply using a Fruit Roll-Up and a Twinkie.

Twinkie Sushi

So, we had some fun over the weekend and we're looking forward to doing this again. My favorite was probably using peanut butter. One of my daughter's favorite was Nutella, but you can literally use anything you think would be good. If you have success with a great combination, let me know in the comments below.