For the first time since 2015 I'm not relying on airlines to take me home to see my family for the holiday's. Because of that, I'm not giving everyone gift cards this year and am fully taking advantage of the fact I'll be able to transport gifts in my trusty F150.

I've decided that I'm not going to buy things the family can buy at a big box store, every gift I buy is going to be Wyoming themed or Wyoming made. I'm not the only one that is excited about me living in Wyoming, the interest has been high from my entire family of visiting and learning about the state. So I feel taking a piece of Wyoming to them is a good place to begin.

This is where the fun part starts and I use the term 'fun' loosely. Buying gifts for the parents or older siblings is easier, but it's when you get to the teenage and preteen nieces and nephews where it gets a little tricky. The older ones will get the meaning behind the gift, but you never want the disappointed 'ugh' look on the younger ones faces. One thing I have going for me is that my family isn't 'hoity toity' and very 'country', so if it's cowboy, camo and creative I have a very good chance of remaining the cool uncle that gives good gifts.

Luckily there are many options of Wyoming themed and made products to choose from, but I wasn't even really sure where to begin. Wyoming's locally made Christmas gift buying options are endless and I'm all about supporting the small business dreams that many have here in the Cowboy State. To get some ideas I turned to you to find out some of those great gift buying options and as always Wyomingites came through. If you have any other ideas hit us up and let us know.

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Wyoming Made Or Themed Gift Ideas

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