If you've been out around town doing some last minute Christmas gift shopping (or in some extreme cases, just now starting), you may have noticed how they shelves are beginning to look a little thin. Of course, "'tis the season", so that's nothing new, but the global pandemic isn't helping things either. Local stores just aren't getting the same amount of stock, and that was even prior to the holiday rush.

One thing to remember is to remain considerate though, while rummaging through your favorite stores. Casper is pretty good about this... at least inside of the stores. Outside though, rudeness is starting to get the better of some of us.

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One way I've personally noticed rudeness getting the better of folks is in the parking lots. People seem to have a lot less patience, particularly when it comes to waiting for others to park. I can't count how many near accidents I've seen in the mall (particularly by Target and Best Buy), but where it seems to be the absolute worst is Walmart... both locations!

Things seem to get even worse when it comes to parking. I have seen a plethora of nicer model vehicles parked horribly and where this bothers me the most is when cars take up more than one spot. This is not the time for that level of selfishness. If you have a nicer vehicle, I definitely understand wanting to keep it safe and looking fresh, but if you insist on taking up multiple spots, park way out in the back. Taking up two (and in some extreme cases, three) parking spots is just plain evil.

taking up multiple parking spaces
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I also realize this can be the result of the previous person parking badly, which can cause a ripple effect, I tend to place blame on the vehicle that's still there, especially when it's a cherry red, perfectly shiny sports car.

It all comes to down to just being considerate. Since the technical reason for the season is Jesus, I wouldn't think he'd want people fighting for parking spots and flipping each other off on the roads.

That's just my personal thoughts. Happy holidays and merry Christmas, everyone!

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