Many people dress up their kids and families for the Holidays.

But, we all know that in Casper most people consider their pets part of the family, so it's no surprise to us that many of our listeners love to dress up their pets.

We thought it would be fun to see what you do to dress up your fur babies and asked on Facebook if you would share your pictures with us.

You were happy to oblige and even surprised us with a few unique pet pictures that had us laughing out loud.

Here's Some Adorable Casper Animals Dressed Up For The Holidays

The Holidays aren't just for the kids, they are also for our furry four-legged babies too...or for Wyomingites some of our scaled four-legged babies!

We couldn't decide what animal was cuter, the lizard with the Christmas bandana or the Guinea Pig dressed up as an elf!

If you have a picture of your pet that you'd like us to add to this gallery, send it to us using the station app.

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