Try as he might not, this reporter became a hero.

Steve Campion, a reporter for Houston's KTRK, was covering flooding in the region live on Monday when he had to help rescue a driver who was floating in some high waters. The problem is Campion embraced the opportunity to help in the same way most people embrace the calling their dentist for a checkup.

You can sense the bewilderment in Campion's voice when he first realizes what's going on and then again when he advises the confused man -- who he calls "dude" -- to get out of the car and swim.

As the man swims over, Campion walks over to him about waist deep in the water and helps pull him to safety, but you kind of get the feeling he's a little ticked off that he's getting his clothes all wet, which, hey, is going to happen when you're a reporter covering a flood.

Campion then conducts a brief interview with the man, who's rightfully distracted by his car sinking in the water.

If he ever decides to get out of the journalism game, we say Campion ought to (not) give customer service a try.

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