One of the most infamous events in Wyoming history happened 35 years ago today. November, 16, 1982, 16-year-old Richard Jahnke Jr. and his sister Deborah killed their abusive father at their home near Cheyenne.

The controversial trial made national news and inspired the made-for-television movie "Right To Kill?". Both children were convicted of voluntary manslaughter. Deborah was sentenced to prison for 3-to-8 years. Her brother recieved a 5-to-15 year sentence.

The case ignited a firestorm of criticism for both the prosecutor and judge, who were accused of suppressing evidence detailing the father's physical and sexual abuse.

Wyoming Governor Ed Herschler eventually commuted their sentences. Deborah was released from custody and served another year of probation. Meanwhile, Richard was remanded to the Wyoming Boys School in Worland until the age of 21.


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