If you've ever lost control on black ice, you don't need to be told twice why you slow down when you know our roads may be covered in this stuff. A new video is a reminder of just how dangerous black ice can be.

We've already had what seems like over a dozen days where we're had to deal with black ice on our Wyoming roads and interstates. According to the video description, these folks were traveling down the highway when they came upon a plow truck in the passing lane.

The driver stated they were traveling over 65 miles an hour when the plow ahead of them lost control and went spinning across their lane before eventually overturning into the ditch.

If you look at the road at the beginning of the video, the road just looks wet. Once they see the plow spinning, they realize they're driving on black ice. Fortunately this driver did the right thing and pulled over to safely make the 911 call to make sure the plow driver got the help he needed.

The tricky part of black ice is it's hard to know you're on it until it's too late. The USDA shared a very helpful guide on how to deal with black ice. It tends to form on roadway that doesn't always see sunshine. If you're on a tree-lined highway or interstate, you can expect that black ice will be a factor during cold weather. Here's part of what they said:

Black ice forms readily on bridges, overpasses and the road beneath overpasses.

Overpasses are notorious for having black ice present this time of year. I always assume there's black ice in these places and near turns. That's the one place you don't want what could be a fatal driving surprise.

These drivers were dealing with a tree-lined highway and are very fortunate to be able to walk away from this scary winter accident.

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