This has been a great year for trail cams. If I had a nickel for every bear, wolf, deer or elk I've seen prancing down our backwoods, I'd be way richer than I am not now. You can add mountain lions to the list as a southern Montana cam has captured a very big cat.

According to the YouTube description, Mark Andrews is the guy to thank for this spectacular mountain lion video. This pretty cat was spotted near Emigrant, Montana south of Bozeman. For what it's worth, Emigrant has a population of only around 372 as of the 2010 census, according to Wikipedia.

While I admire the beauty of this animal, I wouldn't want to run into it on a hike. The Mountain Lion Foundation claims you are more likely to drown in your bath tub, killed by your pet dog or struck by lightning than being killed by a mountain lion. I'll take their word for that.

Any animal the size of this mountain lion that can run up to 50 miles per hour is something I don't want alone time with. But, this cat sure makes for a very pretty animal to admire on a trail cam or from afar.

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