Wyoming has its fair share of celebrities that call this wonderful state home, but one in particular has made the news a lot in the past few months. That would be Kanye West and his family.

Ever since his wife Kim Kardashian first said she wanted to move here permanently back in September, Ye and the clan have been making the news regularly. Whether it's his numerous music videos shot completely on his ranch in Cody, the free concert gospel concert he also put on in Cody or the plans to move his Yeezy shoe collaboration with Adidas to the Cowboy State, he's definitely making his presence known.

It hasn't all been positive though. There were whispered incidents of him not being so friendly in local retail stores, although there were also several pictures of him posing with fans throughout the state (like here and here). He also got in hot water for chasing antelope while 4-wheeling.

So the real question is:

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