Check Out Hilarious Anti-PETA Rant By Cowboy Joe Fan
There was a report a few days ago that PETA wanted colleges and universities to stop using real animal mascots at games. That hypothetically could include University of Wyoming mascot Cowboy Joe. That possibility did not sit well with one big-time Cowboy Joe fan.
Forget Humans, PETA Should Protest Ants
I'm not a huge fan of PETA. If they just stuck to stopping the abuse of animals, I would thinker higher of them. Heck, I would probably be willing to join them! I would even host the annual Bar-B-Q featuring all of the animals we saved.
Rock 96.7 Delivers Long John Silver’s to Casper PETA Protest
While we understand that living in America gives you the right to protest and express your freedom of speech in a non-violent way, PETA makes us giggle. Protesting the abuse of animals and the near extinction of animals  is one thing, but coming to a state like Wyoming (where it's legal to carry a c…
PETA Ads So Sexy You’ll Want to Go Veg [PHOTOS]
Whether you admire PETA‘s causes or not, you have to admit they know how to get people interested. The latest attention-grabbing ad from the animal rights group features 40-year-old actress Taraji P. Henson in the buff for their “Fur? I’d rather go naked&CloseCu…