While we understand that living in America gives you the right to protest and express your freedom of speech in a non-violent way, PETA makes us giggle. Protesting the abuse of animals and the near extinction of animals  is one thing, but coming to a state like Wyoming (where it's legal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit, high school kids carry shotguns in their vehicles so they can shoot coyotes on the ranch, and hunting and fishing almost shut down the state during the season every year) to protest fishing is just plain silly. The two "protesters" PETA sent are from Virginia. Obviously, they didn't do any research when they chose Casper, Wyoming as their target...and especially when they chose the much loved Ugly Bug Fly Shop as their target.

But, being the high-class, nice guys that we are, we figured that protesting was hard work. So we went down to offer some food to these "hard" workers...

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