Stephen Malkmus is now on tour with his band the Jicks. Not so surprisingly, they're playing some of his old Pavement songs during their sets. What is somewhat surprising is that he's also covering Beck.

During a recent tour stop in Chicago, Malkmus combined Beck's 'Golden Age' (from 2002's 'Sea Change') and 'Debra' (from 1999's 'Midnite Vultures') with Pavement's 'Gold Soundz' (from 1994's 'Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain'). He even nailed the falsetto part from 'Debra.'

Malkmus switches the lyrics up a bit, poking fun at his band's run-through of the slow-jam goof 'Debra.' But it sounds like they've grown as a live unit. There's probably a really good indie jam band in here somewhere. You can watch the video -- which looks like it was shot from row ZZ -- above.

And while the transition from the Beck medley to the Pavement classic isn't all that smooth -- Malkmus basically drops a few lines of 'Gold Soundz' in there -- it sure beats the usual encore of a huge hit or whatever constitutes a big hit in Pavement's universe.

The Malkmus-Beck connection isn't that far removed, though. A few years ago, the singer-songwriter produced the Jicks' 2011 album 'Mirror Traffic.' Beck's new album, 'Morning Phase,' comes out tomorrow. But you can listen to it right now if you want.