Commercials. They pay my bills, so I have nothing negative to say. Miss Harley, on the other hand, has one she specifically has an issue with...

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Submitted By Miss Harley

I listen to the radio all day long being a delivery driver.  My rant this time will be on all this advertising for the greatest diet pill, shake, drink, smoothie. At the end of the advertisement they say "along with eating and exercise will you get the results you are looking for".  Wouldn't it be cheaper for these people to just do some exercising and not eating all the crappy foods they do and not buy into a scam?!?!  Hints for exercising for obese people:
1: Park on the far side of the parking lot at the fast food joints and supermarkets!!
2: Only eat fast food once a day instead of 10x
3: Walk yourself to check the mail. If you have a dog walk that dog every day!!
4: Actually bend over to put on socks instead of wearing flip flops all the time cuz you don't want to bend over!!
I have a million helpful hints to put diet and exercise into a big persons daily routine!!! You should hear all them I say during those said advertisements...hehe!!