Most of the time people want to know how to loose weight or get healthier. This post is just the opposite. It is all about gluttony. If you wanted to get fat, where in Wyoming would be the best place to bulk up? Well, we made this “scientific” study comparing Wyoming's cities by the number of fast food restaurants, number of buffets, and number of eating challenges.

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    Gillette, WY

    This moderately sized town has plenty of fast food options. Maybe because it is a pit stop on I-90. Regardless of the reason why this is the number 5 place to get fat in Wyoming.

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    Rock Springs, WY

    Although this town is the 5th most populated in Wyoming, the number of fast food joints edges Rock Springs up to the 4th position. The town has more fast food restaurants than Riverton, Jackson and Cody combined. I’ll take that super-sized, please

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    Laramie, WY

    What put the home of UW Pokes in third place is the number of eating contests. Fourth place Rock Springs has more fast food options, but Laramie is home to over 8 food eating challenges. Most of them involve eating insanely hot, hot wings. Laramie has plenty of food options to pack on the pounds. Think of it as the "Freshman 15" multiple times over.

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    Casper, WY

    The second largest city in Wyoming has nearly the same amount of fast food options as Cheyenne, but only a handful of buffets. As far as eating contests go, Oil City is home to one of the most infamous challenges – the Ring of Fire Burger challenge from JC Burgers. This behemoth had 16 patties, jalapenos with all the fixings, and a huge order of French fries. Do you feel fatter just by reading this?

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    Cheyenne, WY

    It is no surprise that the largest city in the Cowboy State is also the best place to become your largest possible size. With over 40 fast food restaurants and plenty of all you can eat Chinese buffets, there are plenty of options to gorge yourself in calories.