A guy in Florida has been spying on women by telling them a bogus story about his wife and asking them to try on clothes.  

The pitch the man uses is a story about his wife gaining a little weight and wanting to make sure the clothes are not so sheer, all while he is filming the women on his phone.  The man's name is Jeffrey Pollizi and he has a criminal history of voyeurism (arrested back in 2009) and has been banned from other local department stores for his creepy actions.

But this pervert ran into the wrong woman and didn't realize he'd already spied on her once before.  She recognized him and she confronted him and chased him out of the Target store where she was shopping.  She was able to capture his face on her camera during the interaction and filmed the whole thing.

The guy was not charged for his perverted actions, but was later charged with reckless driving after he spun his vehicle tires leaving the parking lot - right in front of local authorities!  Karma...

WARNING: NSFW - Explicit Language

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