Week 19 of Locals Only, Lunchbox brings us Cave Man Keg Party.Nathan Cook, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, Ryan Connor of Jacksonville, Florida, and Patrick Robison of Casper comprise this high energy punk rock trio.

All three have experience with other bands before forming CMKP. Nathan was once in a band called The "Wedgies," Ryan was a member of "Mommy's Mistress," while Pat played bass for "Dead Ringer."

These Three come from total opposite backgrounds. A biologist, a construction worker and a Bigfoot enthusiast! When they play and sing together, the love and hard work is infectious.

Ryan was really quiet during most of the interview, but when he jumps on guitar for "In The Pines," Lunchbox and myself were blown away, it was truly amazing to watch him work. All three guys bring their own special blend to this party. Catch up with CMKP on Facebook 24/7!

Cave Man Keg Party is currently looking for a singer. If you have interest contact them through Facebook. This was a fun night, hope you enjoy CMKP on Locals Only!