You never know what you might see when you go to Yellowstone National Park. Bears, moose and bison are all possibilities. Now you can add Bigfoot to that list.

The video above has just been shared on YouTube by the So Cal Sasquatch Organization. It recalls a report from the summer of 2002 when a family of 4 were out looking for bighorn sheep. What they found instead was a "humanoid" between 8 and 10 feet tall on a ridge near Mount Washburn in Yellowstone.

This is one of many reports from people convinced that Bigfoot is in Yellowstone. Remember the bison herd back in 2015 that allegedly had Bigfoot in it?

There even a report that a film crew was in Yellowstone searching for Bigfoot. The Yellowstone Park website claims that the park is not aware of any Bigfoot sightings in the park. Bummer.

If you're disappointed that there is no evidence of Sasquatch in Yellowstone as of now, take consolation in the fact that you can still buy a sweet Bigfoot Yellowstone Park t-shirt on Amazon (available in 5 different colors).

Sasquatch & Bigfoot National Park Retro Threads via Amazon
Sasquatch & Bigfoot National Park Retro Threads via Amazon

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