Inspired by this Buzzfeed article, we decided to reimagine the scenario and debate what Wyoming towns would do in a bar fight. Enjoy our lighthearted take on Wyoming stereotypes as you read this article.

Gillette- Starts the fight with Casper by loudly yelling that coal is the best energy source. In addition to coal's ability to power machinery and barbecue grills, its ability to be turned into diamonds adds versatility, making it the ultimate power source. He's not saying this to spite Casper specifically, but is rambling to anyone that will listen, completely oblivious that nobody is actually listening.

Jackson Hole- Sees that Casper is starting to get visibly annoyed and tries to convince Gillette that the best way to channel their aggression is to engage in extreme sports. They then offer to take Gillette up to the black diamond trails and give them something else to focus on.

Casper- Now sufficiently irritated, decides to throw the first punch, defending their livelihood. He didn't come to the bar looking to start a fight, but he'll damn well finish it. They're tired of people badmouthing them in the media and feel the need to stand up for themselves, using force if necessary.

Cheyenne- Is sitting at the end of the bar, actively trying to stay out of the fight. He's also probably lurking around the bar counter, swiping drinks from those involved in the fight and otherwise too busy to notice the vanishing booze.

Rawlins- Offered to DD for his buddy, having made a few bar-related mistakes in his time. After a stint in the clink, he's genuinely trying to turn his life around. He's still willing to shank someone if the need arises.

Laramie- Will offer to buy everybody a round if Casper and Gillette apologize to each other and hug it out. Unfortunately, the beer they offer to buy everyone is a super hoppy IPA that nobody else enjoys. But it unites everyone else, if only for the wrong reasons as they proceed to yell at Laramie about their bad taste in beer.

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