Did you know there are 30 different types of bees, hornets and wasps here in Wyoming?

Here's what the buzz is all about, our list of Wyoming's baddest bumblebees:

1. Cow Killer - It looks like a red ant, but like its name suggests, this wasp has a sting powerfull enough to kill livestock. On the odd chance you are ever stung by a Cow Killer, seek medical attention.

2. Yellow Jacket - Like the Cow Killer, yellow jackets are renowned for their painful stings. They are also extremely aggressive, especially when defending their hives. Because they are so easily agitated, experts warn humans not to swing or swat at females.

3. Bald Faced Hornet - Don't mess with these black and white hornets, they're mean, especially if you are near the nest. They are known to swarm and sting repeatedly. However, they also keep flies away and are helpful, if not disturbed.

4. Horntail Wasp - Perhaps the scariest looking wasp on our list, female horntails appear to have two stingers. However, the long spine on their tail isn't actually a stinger; it's a tube used for laying eggs.

5. Western Cicada Killer - The most frightening thing about this brown and yellow wasp is its size. It's one of the biggest species in the west and is known to attack loud-buzzing cicadas in mid-air.

Honorable Mention: Agapostemon Sweat Bee - This green. black and yellow bee loves to drink the salty sweat from your arms and legs. Don't worry though, they are generally not aggressive and won't sting unless threatened.