Bill Helton is a mayoral candidate in Elk City, Okla., and is the focus of some controversy after he posted videos of himself in black-face makeup dressed as an African-American character named Pollyester Kotton.

Some critics say the character is very offensive, even claiming it is racist.

Helton says the character is in no way racist. He's also a hair stylist, and adds the character was born at his hair salon and is based on one of his African-American customers.

Also, he has used his character to do good in the community. Helton has dressed as her at community events, claiming to have helped raise thousands of dollars for those in need, Oklahoma City's KFOR-TV NewsChannel 4 reported.

While that's all well and good, Oklahoma's NAACP does not think it is so great. While its officials are OK with Helton dressing up, the black-face makeup is what put it over the top.

Helton has apologized for the character.

It's probably safe to say Helton likely will not be elected mayor.

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings