She’s goes by the name of Maahya on YouTube and her "About" section contains one sentence: “I’m Maahya and I like to sing heavy metal songs m/.” One of those metal songs is a haunting cover of System of a Down’s song ‘Toxicity’ that she just posted this week.

Anyone who knows the song 'Toxicity' is aware that it's a frenetic track that goes from slow to insanely fast at any given moment, as Serj Tankian delivers both mid-tempo and rapid-fire lines throughout. Maahya turns the entire song to an ethereal and melodic tune, while the video itself is a bit trippy (watch above). On her YouTube channel, she also has several Rammstein covers and a bonus clip of her bellydancing.

As for System of a Down, we reported yesterday that the band may record a new album in 2015. For now, they'll be playing a series of tour dates in April of this year.

Watch 'You Think You Know System of a Down?'