Would you be willing to share your sexual fantasizes with the world? I didn't think so.

University of Quebec researchers Christian C. Joyal, Ameile Cossette and Vanessa Lapierre were able to find 1,500 men & women willing to rate their interests in 55 fantasies provided for them, as well as share some of their own daydreams about sex.

Here are some of the findings:

What about "stranger" sex? Meaning sex with someone unknown to you.

In the realm of having sex with a total stranger, just under half of women said they imagined what that would be like while over seven in 10 men admitted they did as well.

What about domination and swinging?

More women than men had fantasies about being dominated, 65 percent to 53 percent respectively.

However, men were far bolder about thinking about swinging with another couple than women, 42 percent to 18 percent.

Fantasizes were also examined from a voyeuristic point of view.

Men more than women were also into fantasizing about watching someone undressing without their knowledge by about a ratio of two-to-one.

Were there any deviant fantasizes involved in this research?

Of course, these sexual fantasies probably seem pretty tame compared to the real deviant stuff, which isn't listed here, and as the researchers point out, the study was meant to focus “on the effect of the fantasy rather than its content.”