Levi "KaMaKaZiE KiD" Troutman is not what you would call an ordinary guy. Aside from working a regular job, Levi is...special.

He likes to play with fire.

This drives his mother Marla crazy with worry. But, since he's so darn good at it, Marla is also his biggest fan.

While Levi has been known for his fire breathing, as well as torching his body and running as far as he can, he's always looking for different ways to stick it to the Reaper. Saturday, January 19th 2013, he did just that...and set a world record at the same time.

When I asked him off-mic why he would light himself up and run through three blazing walls, he responded with a simple "Because it's never been done before".

Touché, Mr. Troutman. Touché.

Not only is Levi a little "off", he also has a heart the size of Texas. This whole stunt is the result of his November coat drive, in which he promised to "give Casper something it has never seen before" if he raised 250 coats in his inaugural drive. He raised over 450.

We had a chance to talk to The KaMaKaZiE KiD before and after his record-setting stunt, just to see what was going on in his head:

This, of course, led up to his big moment (Obviously, you should never try this at home. Or anywhere. Ever):

Afterwards, he was kind enough to break himself away from the crowd of fans that surrounded him to give us some final thoughts: