kamakazie kid

KaMaKaZiE Kid Strikes Again
I love interviewing Levi Troutman. The conversations are always entertaining, and he has a tendency to bring up some of the most bizarre topics. Like evil midgets. Or hair Viagra. One thing is for sure - this cat knows how to party...
KaMaKaZiE Kid
One of Casper's favorite sons Levi KaMaKaZiE KiD Troutman is getting ready for his second car jump. This time it will be In front of a whole new crowd in Tucson Arizona as a part of Mr. Dizzy's Crash Factory Live!
A'Salt Creek Roller Girls
Casper's own A'Salt Creek Roller Girls home bout on Saturday, May 25th, is guaranteed to be one of the hottest match's of the season.
Kamakazie Kid Sets World Record
Levi "KaMaKaZiE KiD" Troutman is not what you would call an ordinary guy. Aside from working a regular job, Levi is...special.
He likes to play with fire.
This drives his mother Marla crazy with worry. But, since he's so darn good at it, Marla is also his biggest fan...
Kamakazie Kid Attempts World Record
On Saturday, January 19th, Casper's very own Levi "KaMaKaZiE KiD" Troutman will try to set a World Record at Program Motors in Casper, Wy.  The stunt has been something that Levi has been thinking about for the last 8 Months and now…
Casper’s Own KaMaKaZie KiD
Levi "KaMaKaZiE KiD" Troutman took over the quiet town of Medora North Dakota on August 10th and 11th 2012 and showed them how the Hottest Wyoming Daredevil does his thing at The Knotty Pine Peanut Bar.