World Record

At Seven Feet,Sarah Massey Has the Biggest Butt in the World
We once lived in a society where your last name told your story of who or what you were. Mr. Smith was a blacksmith, Mr. Hill would live on the hill, Ms. Baker would bake and so on. Meet Sarah Massey. If her last name was any indication, it may be because she (unofficially) has the world's larg…
Kamakazie Kid Sets World Record
Levi "KaMaKaZiE KiD" Troutman is not what you would call an ordinary guy. Aside from working a regular job, Levi is...special.
He likes to play with fire.
This drives his mother Marla crazy with worry. But, since he's so darn good at it, Marla is also his biggest fan...
Kamakazie Kid Attempts World Record
On Saturday, January 19th, Casper's very own Levi "KaMaKaZiE KiD" Troutman will try to set a World Record at Program Motors in Casper, Wy.  The stunt has been something that Levi has been thinking about for the last 8 Months and now…

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