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One of Casper's favorite sons Levi KaMaKaZiE KiD Troutman is getting ready for his second car jump. This time it will be In front of a whole new crowd in Tucson Arizona as a part of Mr. Dizzy's Crash Factory Live!

The 27 year who was born and raised here in Casper and is well known around town is stepping up his game this weekend!As the newest free agent acquisition made by Mr. Dizzy Motorsports, KaMaKaZiE will be given a whole new set of challenges that he's more than willing to tackle.

This is his chance to prove himself among the big dogs in the stunt business and take things to a whole new level! This weekend will be full of excitement as Levi joins with Mr Dizzy, Cory "the Headache" Howell, Metal Mulisha, Mad Mike Jones and the craziest midget you'll ever see, Mini Mad Mike, at this stand alone stunt show in Tucson.

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