He hasn’t released a new album since 2008′s ‘Modern Guilt,’ but Beck has been on a recording tear lately, surfacing in a variety of unusual and/or unexpected places — and for his latest trick, he’s decided to contribute three new songs to the PlayStation game ‘Sound Shapes.’

The game, which combines classic side-scrolling action gameplay with a twist requiring players to create music in order to progress, will use each of the new songs — titled ‘Cities,’ ‘Touch the People,’ and ‘Spiral Staircase’ — as its own level. You can take a look at the ‘Sound Shapes’ trailer embedded below.

It’s the kind of thing not many musicians would do (although Pitchfork reports that Deadmau5 is another of the artists lined up for the game), but it’s more or less of a piece with everything else Beck has been up to since releasing ‘Modern Guilt’ — a list of inscrutable antics that includes popping up on a Childish Gambino mixtape, releasing a quickly announced single on Jack White‘s label, and launching the Record Club project, which has found him recording covers of entire albums by other artists (including Yanni) in a single day.

‘Sound Shapes’ is scheduled for an Aug. 7 release.

Watch the ‘Sound Shapes’ Game Trailer