Beck has always been a versatile artist, and that versatility came in handy when his opening act couldn't make it to a show in Detroit. Billoard reports that the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger was scheduled to open for Beck, but canceled hours before the show.

Beck took this in stride and turned it into an opportunity to get some more time on the stage. He decided to open for himself and played a short and sweet set before performing the originally planned one.

For the opening set, Beck and company played a relatively quiet set composed of songs from 'Morning Phase' and the classic sad-bastard album 'Sea Change.' Beck even played a song he'd written for Johnny Cash, 'Dead Melodies.'

While no reason has been given for Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger's cancellation, apparently it may have had something to do with trouble crossing back into the U.S. from Canada. They are set to rejoin the tour today, so hopefully Beck won't have to pull double-duty again.

Beck and his openers didn't suffer the worst, though. One concert-goer, seemingly pretty drunk, decided he was "going to take the easy way down." He then proceeded to fall down a second-floor stairwell. According to Detroit news outlet WXYZ, the man is in critical condition.

Here's some fan-shot footage from that show over the weekend: