It was a Beck / Arcade Fire love fest at Coachella the other night. During the finale of the festival, Beck made a surprise visit to Arcade Fire's set, joining the band onstage for a cover of Prince's 'Controversy.' He was decked out in a papier-mache bobblehead pope mask for his troubles.

But earlier in the evening, without the bobble-pope head gear, Beck paid tribute to Arcade Fire by covering their song 'Rebellion (Lies)' during his own Coachella set. You can see the results above.

"About 10 years ago, I had a friend call me up who runs this bar down the street from my house," Beck told the audience. "He said there was this band playing. He said I should really come down and check it out. I heard this music coming through, and there was something about it."

He then launched into the song -- from the group's 20014 album 'Funeral' -- to an obviously approving audience. "That little bar down the street from your house sometimes has the best music," he said after finishing the song, "Don't forget about that little bar."

And here's Beck performing on Jimmy Kimmel's show last night: