In a 2010 poll done by Maple Leaf Foods Inc., 43% of Canadians said they prefer bacon over sex. I'll admit that the hoser's up north make a fine bacon-like product, but I prefer a different kind of pork...

That got us to thinking - is there anything better than sex? As I get older, that question is harder to answer. From our teen years through our late twenties/early thirties, most of us (and buy us, I mean men) would give up almost anything for a chance to tap a booty. From conversations I've had with many ladies, I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that the same can be said for the fairer sex.

But as I get older, I find that sometimes, I just want a glass of wine, a good book, and a window. What can I say - getting older has given me a different outlook on life. While I still enjoy a nice game of slap-and-tickle, sometimes, I just want to relax.

So...what is something better than sex? Take our poll below, and if you don't see your answer, add it! We'll post the results later: