Do Wyomingites Mind The Snow? [POLL]
There are always those that love the snow, because it signals hunting season. Others enjoy the outdoor sports, but there are always those that hate everything about winter. So the question is: which group do you fall under?
Do Wyomingites Wear Socks With Sandals? [POLL]
Summer in the Cowboy State is definitely the time to wear less clothing. The ladies are in their bikinis, the guys are shirtless and everyone is rocking their sandals. Now comes the part that no one can agree on though: should you wear socks with sandals...
Who Has The Best French Fries In Casper? [POLL]
We have so many different places to get good french fries in Casper, but the question has been asked: who has the best fries?
Whether you prefer yours crispy, curly, wedge-stlye or drenched in chili, cheese or gravy, everyone has a favorite spot to get their fry fix...

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