It's amazing the things you can find on Google when you get bored. Mail order brides, ways to increase your penis size, a company in England that specializes in human leather...

Seriously, there's a company that makes wallets, bracelets, etc. out of human skin. According to,

Human Leather is made from real full thickness human skin.  Just like animal leather products, produced from lesser animals, our raw human skin is transformed into the finest grade human leather by using a traditional tanning process.  However, human leather is the finest grain leather that is obtainable.

It is free from defects and has the smallest grain size which makes it the smoothest, softest leather on Earth.

Apparently, these folks take donated skin - yes, there are people that want to be a fashion accessory in the afterlife - take only the back and and abdomen pieces, and make everyday items out of them.

Belts, wallets, shoes, satchels...they have quite a big selection of man-made products (pun intended) to make you the weirdest person in your neighborhood.

Who in the heck would buy this stuff, you ask? Well, enough people to sell out of items. Don't get too excited, though, as their items are pretty pricey. Wallets are about $14,000, belts are around $15,750, and shoes will lighten your bank account by $27,000.