Weird News

Bear Enters Wyoming Home, Poops and Leaves
We’ve all heard the colloquial and often rhetorical question: does a bear sh*t in the woods? Well if happens in Wyoming, it might just be inside your home! A man by the name of Max Breiter had an interesting story of a black bear entering his home on Upper Cache Creek Drive in …
Cheyenne Man Helps Thwart a Robbery On His Wedding Night
A Cheyenne man’s wedding night was made even more memorable this weekend when he helped stop a robbery at a local convenience store. The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, and his new bride were staying at the Nagel Warren Mansion after getting married on Friday night when he made a quick …
Animal Rights Activists Harass Family for Fishing
A family in Florida was fishing at a park. When along comes a group of activist. The activist released the fish the family was going to take home for dinner, and then busted out into protest chanting.

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