Michelle Monaghan visited with "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" today. (Photo: Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

On "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show" today, we talked with actress and producer Michelle Monaghan.

Michelle is promoting her upcoming film "Fort Bliss," the story of a U.S. Army medic and single mother struggling to rebuild her relationship with her son after returning home from Afghanistan.

We're a fan of Michelle from her work on the HBO show "True Detective," which is one of our favorite TV shows ever.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask her about one particular sex scene from the show with Matthew McConaughey.

"Fort Bliss" is in theaters and on demand on Friday.

You can follow Michelle on Twitter.

There were a few funny moments in the interview that you can hear below if you missed it.

Michelle Monoghan Talks with "The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show"

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