Colorado has become a really rich State due to the legalization of weed. Most residents of the Rocky Mountain state don't care if the outside world calls them "greenies," they're rolling in cash and weed!

As a matter of fact, the state is dealing with a surplus tax revenue which is causing Colorado to consider giving residents part of $50,000,000 tax dollars back.

Does this money go to all residents who purchased pot or does everyone get a share?

Hmmmm, all eyes continue to be on Colorado and what the state does with all it's green...pardon the pun.

If all states would legalize just think how soon we could lower the National Debt. However, many have a fear that if it would come to fruition, the Government would somehow screw that up too.

Get more info on the fascinatingly staggering numbers of the legal pot game by watching this video. NSFW...Language a couple of times.