It's time once again for our monthly roundup of singles looking for love online. Here's the top five 'missed connections' of September from the Wyoming Craigslist page.

1. You Stole My Quarters (and My Heart) at the Car Wash in Casper

We were both at the car wash, I walked away from the change machine for a moment and you stole from me. You smiled and apologized, I choked up, got nervous, and didn't know what to say. So I just stood there, like a creep. Truth is, I thought you were really cute, and you were obviously a pretty nice person. I'm still kicking myself for not saying maybe a second chance?

2. More Car Wash Quarters in Jackson

I went into gas station looking for quarters for car wash. You were just checking out. When I came outside, you were by your car and offered be quarter,s but you only had 3. I was very taken by you, but too slow to talk to you. I know this is a long shot, but you had Wyoming plates. You are most kind and beautiful. Your hand was so warm to the touch. I hope you read this and get back to me.

3. Regular at the Drive Through Liquor Store in Gillette

I stop by the drive up almost daily, you drive a silver car and have long brunette hair. I'm never alone when I pull through, so I can't say anything to you, but I want to so bad! I'm a few years older than you, but I know I can take great care of you, hope you see this. I order a 15 pack of?

4. Crying Over Spilled Milk in Laramie

I doubt you read personal ads on cl, but it's worth a shot. We were at Safeway in the express lane. I thought that you were absolutely adorable. You took my breathe away and I said for you go before me. While waiting, I dropped my milk and when I went to pick it up I thought that I saw a tattoo on your foot. Something about you. Struggling for words to say to you and then you bought my groceries. Never felt more giddish. You made this man blush. Thank you! Can't stop thinking of you. Would like to chat if you see this ad and are interested. Please if interested tell me the color of the shoes you were wearing so I know it's you.

5. The Girl Who Tried to Push You Off a Cliff at Medicine Bow Peak

You: solo hiker, burly, long and disheveled hair (originally obscured by a hood), lively eyes, friendly smile, conversational, wildly intelligent and hilarious (presumably), and so on. A fairly attractive dude.

Me: solo hiker, girl-like, hair (presumably), frozen fingers, friendly enough, wildly awkward and featherbrained (originally induced by flattery), and so on. A fairly fair chick.

You were traveling counter-clockwise around the loop. I was traveling clockwise. We first crossed paths near the summit and then again on the paved connecting trail. I was startled by your presence on both occasions and failed to give any indication that I thought you were the aforementioned fairly attractive dude. I fought the urge to turn around, hunt you down in the creepiest of fashions, and continue our abruptly aborted conversation. Or perhaps throw something at you with my digits inscribed on it. 

Anyway, Mr. Fairly Attractive Dude, if there is some weird, improbable chance that you see this, say hello and join me on my next adventure!


The girl who tried to push you off the cliff

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