It's time once again for our monthly roundup of lonely singles (and married people) looking for love (or casual flings) online. Here's the top 5 "Missed Connections" of the month from the Wyoming Craigslist page.

1. Desperately Seeking Baby Daddy in Cheyenne
Tall male wanted for donation. I'm looking for help getting pregnant. No strings attached and don't want to post in the casual encounters section. Has to be discrete and will never ask for anything additional from you. Prefer married men since you should be clean, but will go with single too. I'm cute, just not in a relationship and tired of waiting. Send a pic and time you can meet me. I am local and can work out something. Pics or don't bother. Don't need your judgement either...just your sperm ;)

2. Unhappy Ending for Cheyenne Massage Artist
You responded to an ad I had on here and I came to your place and massaged you to great levels. We were going to get together some more and I think or hope you had phone problems. Would love to massage you again. I loved your tats as well. Get a hold of me. Your name started with a J. You also wanted to try lactating as well and I had the pump to help.

3. Casper Cross dresser With a Heart of Gold
I'm 32 and looking for a long term relationship. I own a trailer home in Casper. Not willing to move cant drive, due to my seizure disorder. I am a cross dresser,  5'9" tall, 135 pounds.

4. Star Wars Fan at the Grocery Store in Cheyenne
I was at the check out counter this morning, I had on a Star Wars shirt and tan cargo shorts with my flip flops. Although I wasn't fully awake yet, I was trying to listen to you talk about all your new offers, but you were distracting me, just a little, because I find you attractive. I didn't notice a ring. If you read this, and would like to get together for coffee or dinner, let me know. 

5. Over the Road Truck Driver Looking for Long Distance Love in Laramie
I was trying to play it cool this morning when you were doing your job helping me, another traveling customer. Maybe I misinterpreted, but I thought you were also a little flustered when conducting our transaction. The whole time I couldn't help but think of how beautiful you are; the warm smile, the tender eyes, the soft way you conversed with me. I left you with no clear indication that I was thinking this. If you're extremely observant, then perhaps you sensed that I was actually quite shy, awkward, and trying to disguise it by being short and precise with what I'll say when really all I wanted to do was talk to you and find out who you are. But I drive a truck for a living. You live here; me in southern California. Even if I was ever to overcome my cowardice, how would pursuing anything with you ever work out? I guess this is my rant - my release for the frustration of it all. But if you ever did see this and felt inclined to respond. To protect you, I won't say your name but it is 8 characters long.

As the great William Shakespeare once wrote, "The course of true love never did run smooth." Join us again next month for more missed connections from the Wyoming Craigslist page.