Ranchers in Wyoming have been breeding some of the best cattle in the country for over a century.

There's also few breeders here in the Cowboy State who raise dogs and other domestic animals.

But there's only place in Wyoming that specializes in African Pigmy Hedgehogs.

The Lil Hedgehogs Farm in Cody is the only licensed hedgehog breeder and dealer in the state.

The owners didn't know much about hedgehogs, or anything about breeding them, when they purchased Piglet in 2011.

When they were presented with the opportunity to mate Piglet, they jumped at the chance. Little did they know, Piglet's litter would be the first of several.

Before long, Piglet's offspring were selling for over $200 each.

The farm now produces three to four litters every month and has a waiting list of customers from all over the country.



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