When Brandon Nimmo was selected to play for Team Italy in the upcoming World Baseball Classic, most people were surprised to learn that the Wyoming native came from an Italian family.

After all, most members of the Nimmo family are of Irish and Scottish decent.

In fact, there's a long list of notable Nimmos across the world: from former television star Bill Nimmo to British authors Dorothy and Jenny Nimmo.

Brandon is one of several Nimmos to become professional athletes, including Scottish Rugby player Ian Nimmo, Austrailian Rules football star Brad Nimmo, English soccer player Liam Nimmo and former NFL offensive lineman Lance Nimmo.

We're not sure if Brandon has ever visited Italy, but we know he hasn't lived there. He grew up on a ranch just outside of Cheyenne, before being drafted into the Mets organization at the age of 18.

So just how Italian is Brandon Nimmo? Nimmo's maternal grandmother was born in Italy, which makes him eligible to represent her home country in baseball's largest international tournament this spring.

The World Baseball Classic should provide the up-and-coming player with another stage to showcase his skills at the plate. In three separate stints with the Mets, Nimmo batted .274 and drew six walks in 80 plate appearances as a rookie.

In March, they'll be rooting for Nimmo in his home state of Wyoming and over 5,500 miles away in his grandmother's home country of Italy.



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