I always find it funny when a person is so truck brand loyal they're willing to put a window decal showing a person peeing on their least favorite truck. Or the guys that harass the other guys that drive the 'other' truck.

Usually it's all in fun, but just like families that split over certain sports teams, it sometimes goes a little overboard.

In Wyoming the truck harassing may be a little more common because of the number of trucks that are here. According to multiple surveys, Wyoming has the highest percentage of pickup trucks than any other state in the country and by a pretty good margin. as 37% of the vehicles in Wyoming are pickup trucks.

TOP 5 States with the  Highest Percentage of Pickup Truck States

  1. Wyoming - 37%
  2. Montana - 34%
  3. Idaho - 31.1%
  4. South Dakota - 30.2%
  5. Alaska - 29.5%

No doubt that we love our trucks here in the Cowboy State and it's pretty obvious why, right? I just said one of the reasons...Cowboy.

Driving in Wyoming consists of driving on rugged terrain, driving through high snow, being on ranches or farms, rodeoing, hauling horses or other animals, ATV/UTV riding and you sure can't haul, pull or get your work done with a Prius.

If you head out to a rodeo, the main sponsor is a truck is a Dodge Ram. The Number one selling truck in the U.S. is the Ford F Series. So it really shouldn't surprise you that trucks are popular here in Wyoming.

It seems Wyoming is right on par with the rest of the country in that the Ford F Series truck is the most popular vehicle (truck, car, suv, van, bicycle, motorcycle or scooter) in the state.

The argument could be made for Dodge Ram being at the top, but you don't find as many studies saying that's the truth. There are many Ram trucks roaming the roads, but data backs up the F Series.

So from one truck owner to all of my truck brothers and sisters, happy trucking.

If you're having a tough time choosing the best truck for you, check out this video comparison of the top 3 trucks in Wyoming. Ford F 150, Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado.

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