Get ready to drop a boatload of cash on the truck that will put every other truck on the Wyoming roads to shame.

Now I know that most people are looking at buying that ridiculous Tesla truck that Elon Musk recently presented but here in Wyoming we like our Fords and our Chevy's. When I saw this monstrous Ford F-650 I knew that it was the truck for everyone who dreamed of owning a big truck.

Once again I found this beauty on as they were showing the video on their front page and why not right? Of course, the mud flaps on this baby would probably need their own set of turn signals.

But before you go off and start searching the web for this bad boy, I should tell you that it does cost a whopping $150,000... So it's a little out of my price range but if you do buy this, give me a call cause I'd love to take a ride up Casper mountain in this truck.

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