First off, Happy National Nurses Week (May 6th - 13th, 2018) and thank you for being kind and gentle and taking good care of us all.

Nurses are one of the fastest growing and most important professions in the US.  However, for Nurses looking for open positions in combination with good salaries, finding a job that's right for you can be difficult in some states.

This can be especially true for Nurses just graduating from Nursing Schools this summer and even more true for those Nurses with years of experience wanting a little more in their paychecks.  But if you're looking for open positions with higher wages, look no further than the Cowboy State.

According to Wyoming ranks #1 for 'Opportunity and Competition' among US states.  In addition, Wyoming also ranks 3rd for average annual salary (compared to cost of living) and 3rd in projected elderly population by 2030 among all states and the District of Columbia.

For newer nurses looking for work, Wyoming is 10th overall in the US for average starting salary. The Cowboy State also ranks 10th overall for Nursing job openings per capita.

All these rankings are good news for Nurses.  More competition among medical facilities means better paying jobs are looking for you right now.  Then mix in the Wyoming's quality of life, outdoor and recreational opportunities and lower tax rates and you might wonder why you haven't pack your bags and made Wyoming your new home already?  Well see ya soon!

Source: WalletHub

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