Last month, we published a story about a man in Casper who was attempting to start a Facebook group for "furries" in Wyoming. As it turns out, "furry fandom" has been here in Wyoming for over twenty years.

According to a Casper woman named Lynne, Wyoming furries have been networking since 1997 and have held monthly meetings since 2011. She claims there are now over 100 active members in their ranks.

On behalf of her group, Lynne wants to dispell the notion that furry fandom is just about dressing up in animal costumes.

"For the vast majority of the furry fandom, our hobby is sharing anthropomorphic artwork, music, and media, and socializing with other nerds who like to do the same! The suits are a cool thing, but they really aren't the backbone of the fandom," she wrote.

Lynne also wanted to distance her group from Casper Furry Meet, which was recently launched by Casper-based YouTube personality Steve Taylor.

"His idea of creating a suit of real animal skins would get him kicked out of any legitimate furry groups", Lynne noted. "The thought of someone killing animals to create a suit is disgusting, and nobody in our fandom would laud him for doing so."

Steve Taylor told Townsquare Media that he, in fact, does not use real animal skins to create his costumes.

Lynne also credited her fellow furries for their help over the years.

"I love my fandom deeply. The unconditional love and support I've been given from the fandom over the last 20 years has helped me survive some seriously bad life events. It upsets me to see misinformation spread about the group I love so much," she said.





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