The winter wind is howling and the temps are falling, oh what we would give to be able to put on short sleeves, get out on a boat and do some fishing at one of the bigger reservoirs.

It won't be long before those cold Wyoming winter temperatures will freeze many of the water sources in the state and ice fishing will be the fishing of choice for many. For others, taking advantage of every minute of open water on a boat with a fishing pole in hand is key to good mental health.

With the North Platte River flowing through Wyoming, you can get out and fly fish most days of the year (weather permitting). calls the winter their favorite time for "wade fishing" on the North Platte because of low flow and less weeds.

No matter what your fishing preference is, ice fishing, wade fishing or warm weather fishing, the options are endless in Wyoming. As a matter of fact, fishing in Wyoming is so popular you can't drive a mile in Casper without seeing fishing bait shop, guide services or fishing equipment store. It's great to see the love of the outdoors is alive and well in Wyoming and all the conservation programs are a big part of the reason.

Jim Lee who lives in Casper and has Facebook, Instagram and a YouTube channel called Jimmy In The Wild loves to get out in nature headed out to Boysen Reservoir in early November to toss a line in the water. The first video is Jim's warm day of November fishing, the 2nd is what it's like at Boysen when the ice hits.

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