Our wildlife is a large percentage of what makes Wyoming beautiful. While there is an abysmal amount of tourist that annually disrupt the nature flow of things, there is an even bigger number of folks that enjoy our wild animals from a safe distance. There are also several businesses that do the same.

The official Center for Biological Diversity Twitter page shared an awesome, 50-second video of several different animal specials playing on and around a log right, here in the Cowboy State. Along with the video, they added a caption that read:

Meanwhile in #Wyoming…adorable wolf cubs, a massive moose, a mustelid and bears visit a log.

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It is unclear how much time elapsed in the shooting and editing of this footage, but it's still very peaceful to watch some many different types of animals enjoying the log. It really makes you wonder why humans have such a hard time sharing this mudball with each other. It really does put things into an interesting perspective.

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