Have you ever put weeks and weeks of work into something only to be disappointed and come up empty handed in the end? For many hunters in Wyoming disappointment happens every Elk season, but the thrill is enough to bring them back out year after year.

On the new show 'Wyoming Hookin' & Huntin' Outdoors', we have the chance to talk to some of the hunters that are blessed with the opportunity to get out and explore the great outdoors. This weekend, we'll talk to a Wyoming hunter named Dustin Fry that is going to get one of those "chance of a lifetime" moments. Listen in Sunday morning at 9am or download the show OnDemand.

If you've ever spent any time preparing for a hunt, you know the amount of work that is put into it from start to finish. For many the chance of a coveted Wyoming Bull Elk hunt may NEVER happen, but for many, when it happens it's a dream come true. With the hunting seasons heating up and those lifetime chances starting to happen, all the hunting channels on TV and the internet are starting to show the videos from 2020 hunts.

Whether you are a hunter of Duck, Goose, Deer, Antelope, Moose, Elk or whatever you species of choice, you know it's not a guarantee that you're going to be able to achieve your goal. For many, the cards never work in their favor and they don't even see what they're after. There are the times though, when everything works in your favor and if you're patient and keep your eye on the prize, it all works out and you're packing out a freezer full of meat.

That's definitely the case for the hunter in this video. After making a great shot to harvest an impressive Bull Elk, he explains that Elk hunting is one of his favorite things to do, but only gets the chance every 3 or 4 years. This Bull was taken on public land here in the Cowboy State!

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